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The doctors of tomorrow,
guided by the doctors of today.

The doctors of tomorrow,
guided by the doctors of today.

The best of real-world experience from current doctors,
integrated with the best of AI and technology,
all to help you achieve your dream of becoming a doctor.

At, we maintain a Medical Advisory Board comprised of current doctors who provides our subscribers with a comprehensive range of practical, real-world advice.

We combine this advice with AI and technology, to uniquely tailor and optimize our guidance to each subscriber.

All of this is aimed to give our subscribers an edge towards achieving the career of their dreams and becoming in the future what the members of our Medical Advisory Board are now: doctors.

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Our Story began when the daughter of one of our founders, Dan Messeloff, said that she wanted to be a doctor when she grows up.  Dan searched for resources that could help along her career path, and nothing existed. So, he set out to create the resource that his daughter and millions of other aspiring doctors would want, and, at the same time, the resource that he and millions of parents of aspiring doctors would want for their children.

The team has compiled a Medical Advisory Board of current doctors to help give aspiring doctors practical, real-world advice from what is, collectively, hundreds of years of experience. We incorporate AI and technology to make sure this advice is relevant and accessible to todays aspiring doctors, to give them the best chance to succeed.


Dan Messeloff

Dan Messeloff

Chief Executive Officer
Dan founded after his daughter expressed an interest in becoming a doctor when she grows up. Dan couldn’t find any practical resources to help her learn how to achieve that goal, so he created In addition to leading, Dan has been ranked as one of the best lawyers in the country for over fifteen years. He also has a demonstrated track record of helping young people prepare for the future, having served on the boards of several schools and other children’s organizations. Dan lives with his wife and three children in Shaker Heights, Ohio.
Eli Aschkenasy

Eli Aschkenasy

Chief Technology Officer
Eli joined with to bring his expertise of starting and leading start-up ventures to the organization and to create a platform where aspiring professionals can receive guidance to prepare for the future. Like Dan, Eli’s children are in the process of deciding their future so he knows as well that the need for guidance is clear. Eli is looking forward to combining AI technologies with input from real world professionals to provide aspiring professionals with the best of both worlds.
David Shafran

Dr. David Shafran

Chair, Medical Advisory Board
David is a board-certified pediatrician and the former Head of Pediatrics at a medical technology company. David has worked continuously as a pediatrician at the Cleveland Clinic, and he has completed fellowships in biomedical ethics and pediatric nephrology. He is also the co-founder and senior manager at Hyguru, an innovative medical education company, as well as the founder of the Physician Assistant training program at Case Western Reserve University, and a consultant for multiple medical technology companies.

Our Partners

We are actively working with a range of medical, educational, parent, and charitable organizations to help more young people become doctors. If your organization is interested in partnering with us, please contact us here.